A Friendly Interrogation with Molly from Molly’s Daily Kiss

Friday, February 15, 2013

When the screen blinks into existence, a room comes into view. A room with a large bed in the background and an armoire to one side. The lighting is subtle and it’s warm and inviting. But the most attractive part of the room is the woman seated in front of the screen. She’s wearing her collar, panties and nothing else, rope twisting tightly around her torso and legs, binding her to the chair. I try not to stare at her erect nipples. I mean, we haven’t been formally introduced. I’m not a complete savage!

Nikki and I have been looking forward to our friendly interrogation with top UK sex blogger, Ms. Molly of Molly’s Daily Kiss, for weeks. We’ve even dressed the part. We’re wearing our knee socks and t-shirts, and I may have brought along my favorite riding crop. Not because I can physically reach Molly, but I believe in inspiration. We have ways of making her talk.

Heather:  Molly, we are so thrilled to meet you! I can’t believe we’re getting the chance to actually talk and see one another! <girly squealing>

Nikki:  Easy there, singing Sally. I did my hair for this.

<leans closer to look at the computer screen> Jesus Christ. Why do I look so fucking white? I mean, I am caucasian and all, but damn.

Heather: You’re so pale and the room’s all white… It looks like you’re Skyping from heaven. ARE YOU AN ANGEL?

Nikki: Yeah, my halo’s sitting right here next to my butt plug. Focus, Heather.

So, Molly. e[lust], tell us what we want to know.

Heather: No, no, sugarpants! Let’s start at the beginning… <begins singing Do Re Mi> Sorry, I’m a sucker for Julie Andrews and nuns… BUT I DIGRESS!

We’re dying to know, Molly, why start a sex blog? You ended your first January 2010 post with this: “Molly’s Daily Kiss could be anything from a peck on the cheek to a full on snog with tongues, so pucker up people and let’s see what 2010 brings.”

What changes have happened to the blog, professional and personal, over these three years? Has your vision changed for it?

Molly: I never had a ‘grand plan’ and to be honest I still don’t. I started the blog as a place to write, to give me some structure and purpose to my writing. I literally just went from one post to another, whatever flowed from my fingers is what got published. This all coincided with me meeting Sir on-line and then travelling to the USA to meet him for the first time and so that became a key part of my content for a while. It was a space to chronicle that relationship and our journey to finally being together in the same country. I guess it was our love story with all the juicy, dirty, D/s bits to colour the picture. It has always been a labour of love and it has always been instinctive. If it feels right, I do it!

I think my plan for the future is to hold onto that and see where it continues to take me! I obviously have my own personal goals and achievements that I want to work on, but the rest is a big old exploration of opportunities and possibilities.

Nikki: My turn. You manage a ton of different projects, including the Pussy Pride Project, Sinful Sunday, and now the recently acquired, e[lust]. Why take on a publication that seems to be a lot of work for very little thanks? Spill your secrets! Or we’ll beat them out of you. Um… by proxy. Your Dom’s on call, right?

It is a good question and one I’ve asked myself A LOT. But at the end of the day, e[lust] is a great resource with a hell of a lot of potential. We have some exciting plans for building the site and bringing in more traffic which will benefit all the blogs that join in with the digest. I am a big believer in the wealth of talent and the force for good that the sex blogging community is, so taking on another project that nurtures that community feels like the right thing to do.

Heather: <wishes Molly’s webcam would zoom in> You had your first photography exhibit last weekend. Have you always taken pictures? *taps riding crop against the computer screen* Tell us about some of your favorites.

Molly: I have not always taken pictures. In fact, for many years you would not have found me anywhere near a camera and certainly never in front of it. But then dating on-line happened and I started taking images to send to him and that led to me exploring more and more. Then one day, I posted one on my blog and since then….. well, I have never looked back and I am rarely parted from my lovely camera.

I am not sure I can pick a favourite, well, not just one anyway. I do LOVE the shots from Piccadilly Circus. They were such fun to do and the results were fairly epic. It was all unplanned, just spur of the moment.

Heather: Oh my, what a lovely… um, is it getting hot in here?


Right. <stares at Molly’s tits>

Apart from that, the photos that are in my banner on my blog are probably my current favourites, but it is constantly changing, depending on my mood and also what I have recently worked on.

Oh, and for obvious reasons, this one… http://mollysdailykiss.com/2012/08/17/my-dalek-and-me/

Nikki and Heather: <in unison> Awwwwww… y’all are so sweet!

Nikki: We all know you’ve been blogging for a long time, Molly, so don’t try to deny it. Now, tell us how you prevent the Provocative Jane’s of the interwebs from stealing your stuff. Do you possess a superpower? A dude named ‘Guido’ wearing a leather blazer? A bedazzled blade? We need to know. But before you answer, remember one thing: I am an Internet Ninja.

Molly: Hahahaaaaaa! I do have a dude who guards me well. I usually call him ‘Sir’ and he is the head of my rather amazing tech department. He keeps me safe… apart from when he wants to scare me and lock me up in the garage where he does evil dirty bad things to me. My life is a hell!

Nikki: Interesting. I’m at the helm of our tech department. <hysterical laughter>

Heather: Well, I don’t have a garage. And no calling my girlfriend to lock me up in hers! And now, Molly, for the final question asked on every job interview ever conducted: Where do you see yourself in another three years?

Molly: Oh my… still this married and still this happy and doing a job I absolutely adore. I spent too many years not doing any of those things and now that I have them, they are more valuable to me than anything else.

Nikki: Wait a minute. I thought we were playing good cop/bad cop. If I’d known we were supposed to treat this as a job interview, I would’ve worn my pinstripe pants and stilettos. And a bra, maybe.

Heather: Oops… my bad. You’re right. I’m a bad, bad cop. Wait, I’m the bad one right? RIGHT?? OK, who has handcuffs?

Thank you, Molly, for being our willing prisoner and answering all our deep, probing questions. *giggles* I said “probe.” We love you and shall be your willing fangirls forever. We’re even starting a club with secret decoder rings and everything. Spanks for all the fun!


11 responses to “A Friendly Interrogation with Molly from Molly’s Daily Kiss”

  1. Dumb Domme says:

    I love this!

    While I enjoy the interviews with sex/relationships bloggers about sex, I’ve been really interested in the blogging/projects side of things lately. I guess I’m all-sorts-of-interested in what leads people to disclose so much and what drives them to make the choices they do in writing, photography, additional and side projects, etc.

    So, in that regard, this interview was really refreshing!

    If you’ll indulge me, my two favorite parts of the interview:

    1. Heather’s distracted asides, and
    2. the British spelling of “favourites” — it’s like someone transcribed her British accent! (not that I’ve heard it, but I imagine it’s lovely)

    Loved it!

    • Heather Cole says:

      D! I’m thrilled that you commented about this, because Nikki and I have been really interested in discovering the inspiration (and business side) behind the sex talk. Wanna do an interview? I’ll let you tie me up. 😀

    • Hyacinth says:

      I agree with DD: I’ve been curious about the project side of things, too. I’m still really curious about the “protection” side of things. I don’t have a head of my tech department other than me (and that’s a sad state of things, trust me!). I’ve been looking into watermarks because I post pics, but I don’t know if that works or not. (I guess it’d at least give me credit, right?? I dunno…)

      All this to say, well done, girls. Thanks!

  2. Molly says:

    If you are going to stare at my tits I shall have to wear a lower cut top next time…. just to make sure you get a really good look!

    Thank you lovely ladies, this was so much fun todo…. I look forward to ‘doing’ you both again in the future!


  3. H.H. says:

    Good choice of blogger. Thanks for this!

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