About Vagina Antics

What is Vagina Antics?

I began this blog on the cusp of my second sexual awakening which didn’t occur until I was nearing 40 and had escaped the constrictions of my traditional marriage. In the beginning I felt discouraged as I tried to connect with other women like me. What I found seemed to be slanted towards women in their twenties, and I was beyond those tender years. I knew that there had to be other women out there who were also figuring out their lives as sexual beings into their late thirties and beyond. At first I didn’t know what exactly I was looking for, so I started writing about it here. I later discovered that there were lots of women on a sexual journey of discovery, and we were all finding our way in the ever-changing world of dating and sex.

In the years that followed I connected with other amazing women, many of us blogging about our most intimate vulnerabilities. Reading and sharing these stories was often titillating, sometimes challenging, and on occasion, downright heart-breaking. No matter what I had experienced or where I was with my sexuality, the community of sex-positive people, both virtual and in real life, was constant. I hadn’t always shared, and there were long expanses of time (especially in 2017) where I merely lurked on my favorite sex blogs as I waited to feel my sexual muse engage herself again. For all of you that shared your stories with me, I have been extremely grateful.

Vagina Antics is a lot of things; a public diary, my confessional, and a place to talk about the darker corners of my sexual closet. Here you’ll find lots of kink, lots of sex, and a lot about my life. This is a sex-positive and a kink-positive blog that supports anyone and everyone sorting out what makes them hot and what gets them off. I strive to create a safe environment to discuss topics revolving around kink, feminism, sexuality, and sex work. Needless to say, things are never boring.

This is also a blog in flux as I search for the next step in my sexual evolution. Because believe me, it ain’t over ’til it’s over.

If you’re looking for experiences from the BDSM play-space (my part-time job), those tales can be purchased in the “Dungeon Diaries” section. Every story is based upon an actual experience, but the names and identifying features have been changed to protect anonymity.

Thanks for reading, y’all! I’ll look for you in the comments section.

**boob smoosh**

~ Heather

About Heather Cole the author and blogger

When Vagina Antics began in January 2012, Heather was newly divorced and a collared, lifestyle submissive ‘owned’ by a Dominant, identified as M in her posts. She was also dating a Canadian in an open, polyamorous relationship. (I know. It’s shocking. A Canadian!) She struggled to balance creating a new home and a new career while exploring what being kinky meant to her.

Flash forward five years (there were a lot of blog posts) and Heather is still exploring her bisexuality and kink. Now she finds herself at the other side of the Dominance-submission spectrum and Topping more than she was bottoming. Heather is single and moonlights at a private dungeon where she facilitates the fantasies of willing men and women looking to experience BDSM and fulfill the needs of their various fetishes. She has a day job, a writing job, and on the occasional evening, she ties up and (consensually) tortures the willing.

Heather is a published erotica author and enjoys modeling for her book covers. You can find all her books and her latest release, CONFESSIONS, on her author website at HeatherColeErotica.com. She’s currently working on a historical romance and the third installment of her Come for the World series, ABSOLVED, which combines elements of the spiritual and BDSM.

Heather wrote two columns for Fearless Press: A Kink in the Curves discussed body image and fashion, and At the Crossroads was a monthly column that explored the sensitive place where Catholicism and kink met. She has been published in Safeword Magazine and is developing several other sex-positive collaborations, including a Dating Kinky guide to be released this spring.

On the occasions when she escapes the thrall of her writing muse, Heather drinks wine, runs, and serves her feline overlord, Catsquatch.