Two Years of Sex, Y’all!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Another sex-filled year has passed and VAGINA ANTICS is two years old! The “terrible 2’s” only apply to babies, though. My second year of sex blogging was A-Fucking-Mazing! (Yes, that’s a word.) To celebrate this milestone, I’ve chosen three of my favorite posts and have a couple of giveaways for you. And you, and that person waaaaaay over there.

Y’all may have noticed that we have added Writers of Erotica to my resumes. A year ago today, I was promoting Felt Tips because of the story I contributed for the anthology of erotica. I swore up and down that I didn’t write erotica, because I was writing about my real sex life. Then I realized that it was still erotica even though it was true, but I’ve written it MY way. I’ve shared the intimate details of my life with y’all and sometimes it’s super sexy. Others, not so much. Trust me when I say there’s nothing glamorous about cum in your eyes, delicate vag issues, or snipping your labia during an unpermitted trim.

It’s always real; always me. And to thank you all for supporting my shenanigans for another year, beginning at midnight I will be giving away The Hunt  through Sunday. Because I love y’all, every fucking one of you.

<throws confetti>

<boob smoosh>


Sometimes It Hits You on the Head – During the spring of last year, my romantic life was a roller coaster. My poly circle was changing and I felt mainly responsible for that. I had met a Dominant man who wanted a slave, who wanted ME. This blog post was the first entry of the journey I began with my master and owner, LH. We had no idea exactly where we were going, but we were going there together. Reading this still brings up a lot of emotions for me even now.

New Territory in My Submission – Reading this still gets me hot. I wonder if I can call LH and convince him to ditch work for the day…

Pony Rides $10 aka Heather Rides a Sybian – The things I have done this past year blow my mind. Reading back through them… I have surpassed my fantasies. Public masturbation was one of them.

6 responses to “Two Years of Sex, Y’all!”

  1. Ava Grace says:

    yay congratulations on two years lovely ladies ava x

  2. LA Cloutier says:

    Wahoo… VA is 2. That means you get 2 spanks, right?

  3. Dumb Domme says:

    Heather Edith Cole and Nikki Agatha Blue (I don’t know your middle names, but I need them to communicate that you’re both in trouble, so I made them up).

    I am disappointed in you both. Honestly, I expected more…

    …more GLITTER!

    Where the FUCK is all the GLITTER!?!!!

  4. Nikki Blue says:

    Holy fuck me. Agatha IS my middle name!

    I know I disappointed with the confetti, but honestly, have you ever tried to clean glitter from under your nails? It ain’t pretty.

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