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  1. The Art of Cunnilingus

    February 22, 2012 by Heather Cole

    Welcome to our second guest post here at VAGINA ANTICS featuring the gorgeous and talented, LifeOfLiriope. After she gave me the best oral orgasm ever (say that five times fast) I begged her to write a post about how she did it. Yes, I’m utterly self-serving! But honestly, who doesn’t need tips on eating pussy? After reading this I wouldn’t be surprised if you grab the closest woman, please get her consent first, and start practicing. Now I just need to wrangle an in-person tutorial. Any volunteers?  –Heather


    I love pussy. I don’t know how I really lived for the first 27 years of my life before discovering my passion for it.

    My introduction to lady love happened a year ago. I had long considered the possibility of such interactions, but had not been graced with an opportunity. I made the acquaintance of two lovely ladies last spring, and could tell I might finally get my chance. I started doing research, and approached my study of cunnilingus with the same precision and fervor as my professional science research. I asked a few lesbian friends for advice, and thought about the skilled male partners I’d known. I contemplated the methods I used when I masturbated.

    Nothing can substitute for hands- or mouth-on experience, though. One night, socializing with said ladies naturally developed into a chance for me to get down to business. They knew my situation: recently divorced, bi-curious, and no real experience with women. We confirmed our shared interest and got naked. One of them took me by the hand, pulled me down, and told me to lick her pussy. No prelude, no pretense, like I’d performed oral sex on women hundreds of times before. Like most other “firsts,” I know it wasn’t a stellar performance, but the feeling of making another woman orgasm was a heady experience.

    Since then, I’ve been introduced to a variety of other pussies, and I love them all. It pains me to talk to other women who are interested in becoming involved with a woman but find the thought of pleasuring women intimidating. It is for this reason I prefer the approach of my initiation: act like everything is normal. Understand the basic anatomy and relevant nerve hotspots, perhaps even think about a few tricks. But be prepared to observe and respond to your partner.

    A quick web search reveals prolific amounts of advice for performing cunnilingus. What approaches work for me? First, just spend some time looking at pussy. Not for masturbatory purposes, but to learn the breadth of variety. The color, the shape/size of labia, relative size of the vaginal opening, size of the clit and hood, exertion of the clit from the hood. Most vulvas are asymmetrical. All are interesting. Next, embrace the fragrance and moisture. This point is vital, because it expands your possible techniques for increasing enjoyment for your partner. I’ve been told I have a nice, firm tongue, which makes sense given I personally prefer consistent, fairly heavy pressure when receiving oral. Strong, fairly long tongue strokes are a good way to acquaint yourself with a pussy and start testing the “waters” for that particular woman’s preferences.

    You should watch for signs of increased arousal: increasing wetness, engorgement (i.e., swelling and reddening) of the vulva/clit, muscles tensing, verbal feedback. Some women have extremely sensitive clits, and do not like direct stimulation. Think about the myriad ways you can use your mouth, ranging from least to most intense: blowing air, light to heavy licking, sucking, and even nibbling. This continuum can be applied to any pussy part. Combine multiple methods in a steady rhythm, like alternating between long and short strokes. Be prepared for what might be a steady, consistent building of tension until orgasm. I’ve been with women who take at least half an hour to orgasm; others only take a few minutes.

    I feel obligated to share a quick discussion of penetration. Some women do not want it during oral. I almost always require at least a finger inside my vagina to orgasm. While eating pussy, I adore the feeling of the muscles in the vaginal wall contracting around my fingers when a woman orgasms, so that is a standard component of my repertoire.

    That about covers the basics! There are many other aspects of cunnilingus, including incorporation of toys (vibrators, butt plugs, etc), application of pain (I like biting inner thighs, brutalizing clits, and pinching nipples), different ways of positioning bodies, and manipulating genital piercings, but those are outside the realm of fundamental cunnilingus. Just remember: learn the pussy, try a variety of approaches to see what works, find a rhythm, and be prepared for a long session.

    I suspect Heather asked me to write this guest post so she would have a cheat sheet for herself. I’m quite pleased with her level of satisfaction from my popping her lady love cherry, as it was quite a lovely experience myself. I just hope I do justice to the tutelage of the amazing women who first taught me lady love. I’ll never reach their level of expertise, but that won’t stop me from practicing!