A New Day, A New VA

Wednesday, January 10, 2018


New! Brand new! All new, all over the place!

That, my dear readers, is not a new stock image. That’s my shiny red heel stepping on a delicious man as I wield my favorite riding crop. Up until recently, this blog has chronicled my submission and my relationship dynamics being the “s” on the right side of D/s. But for over a year, if not longer, I’ve felt more comfortable being on Top. After much questioning and inner debate, I decided what the hell just do it. This blog has been a reflection of me since it’s inception, and as a single, fortyish babe, I want to stay true to my life. VA is a significant part of it, and so, a new day is dawning for VA.

Vagina Antics, as of tomorrow, is going officially under construction. Launch of the new site and its brand new pages won’t go live until Valentine’s Day, but I’ll be posting teasers and tidbits here in the meantime. It’s my own small way of coming out as a dungeon worker, Domme’s assistant, and as a professional switch. Yes, I get paid for my services, and it took me a long damn time to make peace with the label of “sex worker.” There’s no sex in that dojo in the traditional sense of POV (penis in vagina), but I provide the external stimulus, visual and with toys, to inspire the other person to orgasm. So yeah, I work with a person’s sexual nature, kinks, and what gets them off, which leads me to the next really fabulous thing about the new site. All the stories will be available to YOU.

As part of the New Day of VA, y’all will be able to purchase downloads of my Dungeon Stories. For $3.00 you’ll get 2500 words of my latest exploits along with a photo. Um… not of the client. Their anonymity is my utmost priority, only second to my own personal safety and health. The photos will be of me, mostly, doing the things that I do at my part-time job. I’ll also have a new mailing list for giveaways, announcements, and treats for loyal subscribers. Please sign up and get all the latest goings-on. I promise that there will always be something good inside. Ha! …something good inside. (My sophomoric humor will be one thing that won’t change.)

Buckle up, buttercup. Good things are in store for the new Vagina Antics in this brand spanking (oh, I had to say it) new year!

xoxo Heather

5 responses to “A New Day, A New VA”

  1. Britt says:

    YAYYY! I can’t wait <3

  2. Micheal says:

    Look forward to ur new style.

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