About Heather

Vagina Antics is a lot of things. It’s my public diary, my confessional, and a place to talk about the darker corners of my sexual closet. Mostly it’s about my personal journey in kink and sex as a divorced, single-mom over 40. I strive to create a sex-positive and kink-positive environment to discuss all sorts of topics revolving around kink, feminism, and sexuality. There are a lot of kinky experiences here, some of which might not appeal to you at all. Hey, that’s ok. I’m just pleased that you’re reading. LEARN MORE

A New Day, A New VA

  New! Brand new! All new, all over the place! That, my dear readers, is not a new stock image. That’s my shiny red heel stepping on a delicious man as I wield my favorite riding crop. Up until recently, this blog has chronicled my submission and my relationship dynamics being the “s” on the… READ MORE