About Heather

Vagina Antics is a lot of things. It’s my public diary, my confessional, and a place to talk about the darker corners of my sexual closet. Mostly it’s about my personal journey in kink and sex as a divorced, single-mom over 40. I strive to create a sex-positive and kink-positive environment to discuss all sorts of topics revolving around kink, feminism, and sexuality. There are a lot of kinky experiences here, some of which might not appeal to you at all. Hey, that’s ok. I’m just pleased that you’re reading. LEARN MORE

Happy Valentine’s Day to Me

  Being a singleton means that I typically avoid Valentine‚Äôs Day like an STI. Even when I was married, I have historically been leery of the holiday. It can be playful and fun if your romantic partner is thoughtful and into the idea of showing their love/lust. I know this theoretically, but have never really… READ MORE