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Monday, December 17, 2012

A guest post by R. Brennan (FELT TIPS – Routine Maintenance)


First off, I want to thank Vagina Antics for having me. I’m so excited to be here.

In speaking with my posting mate this week, the fantastically talented Candice Bundy about our stories for the Felt Tips anthology, we realized quickly we had a common thread in both of our stories and in our own professional lives. Not only do both of our steamy tales feature IT geeks at the office, we both work in the IT field in the real world. For all intents and purposes we’re both geeks.

I happen to think we’re both damned sexy, and that, my friends, got me thinking. The geek of yesterday is gone. Replaced by a kinder, more appealing specimen of nerdom.

We aren’t your Revenge of the Nerd style geeks anymore. We have much more swagger these days. Look around. Check out TV and movies. I bet I can find at least five geeky leading men who you would love to have a study session with, but I’ll save that for a follow up post. I never know these days what photos are allowable, and I’d hate to cause problems posting pics of the nerdy hotties I’m thinking of.

Today I’ll focus instead on WHY geeks are a dating diamond in the rough.

  1. Geeks are smart.  – We all know the brain is the sexiest organ in the body. A geek has the mental power to be inventive, and has a more open-minded willingness to indulge your more imaginative fantasies. Who better than your geeky counterpart to come up with new an interesting ways to use that extra cat-5 cable in the storage room. Wrap a few of those puppies together, add a little bit of duck tape and voila — he’s made himself a fancy new flogger to make you squirm with. And wait till you see what he can do with a drawer full of ordinary office supplies…
  2. Geeks are better lovers – Some of you may be laughing at this tidbit of knowledge, but the simple truth is this — men, on the whole, are rather unsatisfying sexually. Experience isn’t all it’s cracked up to be when you consider most men are “practicing” not blowing their load within the first three minutes, and most aren’t all that concerned how you may be faring. But, a geek is much more likely to focus on pleasing you in bed and making sure you are having the time of your life in the hope they might get you back there again soon. I’ll take an attentive, geeky lover with a magical tongue and a genuine desire to satisfy over a studly, beefcake whose biggest concern is the size of his own pectoral muscles.
  3. Geeks study — a lot. Of everything. While your pumped up muscle head boyfriend is all about his subscriptions to Playboy and Sports Illustrated, your geeky companion is more likely to have read The Kama Sutra, The Story of O, or will be able to quote the works of William Shakespeare. They are much more likely to be able to hold up their end of any discussion, and let’s face it, stimulating conversation is sexy.
  4. Geeks have smaller egos  — The nerdy guys don’t get all that much attention from the fairer sex, so a geek is far less likely to treat you poorly or blow you off for a night out with the guys. They are more likely to have been taught how to behave by their mothers, and geeks work harder at being romantic than your average man. This leads right into:
  5. A geek won’t take you for granted – Geeks were never the cool kids. Coupled with the lack of regular attention from the opposite sex, geeks are far more likely to bend over backwards to please you. (You can’t hate that…) They are also far more likely to put in a little extra effort to get what they want. Where the average guy will do the bare minimum necessary to get you to take your pants off, a geek is used to working harder to get a woman’s attention.
  6. Geeks remember what matters – While your “normal” boyfriend will remember the exact details of the final game of last year’s World Series, your geek boyfriend will remember not only your birthday, but every anniversary, no matter how silly or insignificant  Additionally, they remember the perfect gifts to get you for such momentous occasions because they remember what you said you liked that time you walked past the pretty dress in the store window, or how you really wanted to listen to that new CD by Pink. They also remember the really important things — like where to touch you to make you squirm, what sorts of dirty little things you like whispered in your ear, and what spot on your inner thigh is the most sensitive.

And, the best thing about these geeky brainiacs? The topper to all this amazing wonderfulness? Geeks come in both genders. So there is more than enough nerdy love for everyone.

Color_littleR. Brennan is a subbie brat with a bitch streak, an IT geek for the state of New York, and reformed gaming addict living in the rolling hills of Upstate NY. A busy girl, R. has a kinky erotic short in the recently released Christmas anthology by Evernight Publishing, VANILLA-FREE CHRISTMAS, and her erotic horror short, BLOOD AND FIRE, will release from MuseItUp Publishing on December 28, 2012. The truly brave are welcome to follow her blog: or stalk her on twitter: bexbrennan

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5 responses to “Geek: The New Sexy”

  1. Lila Shaw says:

    I love geeks and I love writing and reading about them!

  2. Jason Darrick says:

    Woohoo! There’s hope for me yet!

    • R. Brennan says:

      Jason — There was always hope for you 🙂

      Lila — I totally agree. Probably because I am one and can live vicariously through the geeky MCs.

      If you love geeks, make sure to come by again later in the week when Candace Bundy takes over. Great geeky info to come!

  3. Dumb Domme says:

    Yay for geeks, but what about nerds?!?!?

    Who will speak for the nerds? 🙂

  4. Dale Ealey says:

    I’m a geek who married a geek and I couldn’t be happier. We always have hot (sometimes marathon) sex because we’re both concerned about pleasing the other. I’m glad I finally picked one of my own kind!

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