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  1. Friday Links (with some penis twerking)

    September 20, 2013 by Heather Cole

    It’s raining here at Vagina HQ, not quite the auspicious start I wanted for the weekend. But it’s all the more reason to stay inside and check out our weekly findings around the web. I tried to come up with a unifying theme to describe Friday’s links, and all I could think of was “PENIS AND VAGINA.” That about covers it, so enjoy yourselves.

    And for the record, I did really tell Nikki that I was “da bomb.” In fact, I said it twice. It makes her eye twitch.


    Heather’s finds:

    Just what the heck is polyamory? You and my mama can discuss. I’ll send cookies. Y’all can blame Zen for sending me the link, because he’s dating TWO Heathers.

    Sir warned me that I would spend too much time getting this girl to deep throat perfectly. He did not lie. Dammit! Stop choking already, anime girl!

    Do you have the courage to “Be Beautiful” for 30 days? This woman did.

    “Lick the pole, handsome boy! LICK IT!” Um, only watch this video if a.) you love men in briefs with super fine bodies or b.) like watching penises flop around during a twerking dance-off. Because who doesn’t love a flopping penis in brightly colored undies?!

         I’ll never forgive you for making me watch that.

         Pfft. You’ll forgive me because I’m *da bomb*. Yeah, I said it.


    Nikki’s faves:

    You get a squirt! You get a squirt! EVERYBODY gets a squirt! But probably not. – Squirting: Why It May Never Happen to You

    Fun Vagina Facts – I read this article under the assumption it would be fun, because you know, it has “fun” in the title. It wasn’t fun, and I didn’t laugh even once. Mostly what I wanted to do was pussy punch the dude who wrote it. Maybe it’s because my vagina is nearing its “spew forth” time. Or maybe it’s because he’s a douchebag. It’s a toss-up.

    Everything is Samuel L. Jackson’s Fault – Best motherfucking role model EVER.

  2. TGIFL aka Thank Goodness It’s Friday Links

    September 6, 2013 by Heather Cole

    ‘Tis the season of back to school, and I’ve had schoolgirl uniforms and rulers on the brain. Thanks to Michael at Blossom and Thorn, I have some sexy images that are fueling my preoccupation. As he said in the comments, I’m already on the principle’s naughty list. It’s an art form, people. <bows> Speaking of school, guess where this 1950’s “game” came from… a grade school textbook! Which just makes me think that my grandparents’ single beds were pure subterfuge. And wow… grandparents having sex… MOVING ON NOW…


    Heather’s Picks:

    I promised myself I wouldn’t comment on the Miley/Beetlejuice incident, but I have to share THIS. I mean, it’s Kirk and his few facial expressions. DON’T TRY TO RESIST THE KIRK!

    Pandas are smokin’ the ropes. Don’t tell my mother!

    The bullies of Goodreads are getting a lot of attention lately. I hope it incites a policy change, because bullying is unacceptable under any circumstances. There is a canyon-sized difference between giving constructive criticism based on reading someone’s work and trashing it just because you can.

    Nikki’s faves:

    Teaching Good Sex – Every high school needs this teacher.

    Wait, men fake orgasms? – I don’t get this because if it’s not messy, somebody’s got some ‘splainin’ to do.

    Alyssa Milano’s Educational Sex Tape – The only thing I learned from this is a man wearing a shortie robe is never okay.

    Shades of Grey 23 Funniest Quotes – If I ever compare orgasms to the spin cycle on a washing machine, bitchslap me, please.

    Get F*cked – “The world will be a better place when more men take it up the ass.” I can’t love this hard enough. And oddly, I feel like singing.

    Happy Friday, y’all!

    *boob smoosh*



  3. Links: why we love them

    August 30, 2013 by Heather Cole

    Like most women ( I can only assume ) across the internetz, I was super bummed this week when I learned it was #Armpits4August. I was like HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS? There were only three, wait, four days left in the month and there was NO WAY I could grow pit hair in such a short period. But after the convulsive sobbing stopped, it dawned on me that armpit hair meant unlicked armpits. So there’s that.


    There was also the whole you-know-who did the thing on the thing with the big, foam thing in really horrible shoes.

    I’m looking for a cat named “Bob Barker.” – I confess I’m obsessed with cats. Because of Catsquatch.

    Lamar Odom was missing, but then he wasn’t. Honestly, I could give a rats ass about the dude. I just wanna know how you lose a 6’10” Kardashian.

    Study says people prefer sex and alcohol over parenting – Aaaaaand we needed a study to arrive at this conclusion?

    Cliteracy – A giant, golden clitoris? Yee-haw, motherfuckers! Wait, what?


    Earlier this week, a friend drank too much coffee. I thought I knew what over-caffeinated looked like, but I was wrong. The Oatmeal summed up her condition perfectly. (Minus the mustache)

    This article isn’t applicable to me AT ALL this week. Nope. Not me.

    Here’s your dose of humanity for the week, people.

    Get down and funky.

  4. This Week In Links

    August 23, 2013 by Heather Cole

    In this addition of our weekly roundup of interesting links, I contemplate adding more old-timey penis lexicon to my vocabulary: “Is that nature’s tufted treasure I spy?!” (Imagine me exclaiming this at the next play party.) This is NOT to be confused with me adding old-timey penis to my pants or anywhere else for that matter. Unless you’re into that. I reveal that I never use the term “making love,” and I contemplate different aspects of the word “slut” and what it means to me. This sparked a broader conversation which I’ll be posting next week. Stay tuned for more making love and sluts. Possibly at the same time.

    Happy Friday, y’all!



    I have to be honest. I swooned when I saw this. Then I applauded.

    Oh, just admit it. You need help filling the awkward pauses too. There’s help for us!

    Now before everyone starts freaking out… MONOGAMY IS DEAD! HAHAHAHAHAHA! You should have seen your face…

    Someday I hope to take photos as beautiful as Molly.

    You’re never too old to be called a slut and then have small-minded people try to shame you for it. I stand with my sister sluts in solidarity.

    The Un-Slut Project – Slut shaming and sexual bullying: raise awareness and change our world.

    Public Service Announcement – Boobs.

    Who vs Whom – As God is my witness, “To whom did you give a flamethrower for Christmas?” is a question I will one day ask.

         Holy carps, the SPIDERS!

         It’s grammar, Heather. Focus.

    Whose Orgasms Are We Moaning About Anyway? – For whom are you moaning? Did you see what I did there? Did ya?

    Dumb Domme made a sex tape – I sure do love that Domme. *swoon*

  5. Weekly Wrap Up and More Link Lovin’

    August 16, 2013 by Heather Cole

    I have had a helluva week. I went bowling, and rode a Sybian in a crowded cathouse. I’ve also had to prepare myself for the impending school year when I have to present myself as a “normal” human who can “adult” enough to not embarrass my child. I’m trying! I swear!

    My favorite of my favorites this week isn’t a link per se, it’s a quote from my dear friend, Jason:

    “50 Shades has earned 95 million. This proves that you do spend too much time dealing with plot and grammar, and not enough on shitty BDSM.”

    The inside of my nose is still burning from the coffee this made me snort. Thanks, Jason.

    So there you have it, vagina lovers. And here you go!

    *boob smoosh*


    More Sex = More Money – The science is sound, y’all.

    The Cherry Myth

    Dear Daughter

    Porn Sex vs Real Sex: Explained in the kitchen with food!! – Pardon me while I swoon on to my fainting couch. Damn, I’m hungry. Anyone have a banana and a jar of Nutella?

    Once you go kinky, can you ever go back? – Can Kinky People Date Vanilla People?

    Interesting relationship tips – Toxic Habits

    And I was just saying the other day how much I dislike Dave Mathews Band – Most Hated Bands of the Last 30 Years – But don’t fret 98 Degrees fans–I’m certain there will be a comeback. <dons mock turtleneck in solidarity>


  6. Lovin’ the Links

    August 9, 2013 by Heather Cole

    Things have been a little crazy on the home front which reminded me of just how sexy hot a domestic routine can be. The Onion has, hands down the pants, THE best domestic erotica around. Want a peek?

    “Oh, God, I could listen to him snort himself awake right now. But then watch what he does to me, the sexy bastard: He’ll see that I’m in agony, he’ll see that I’m right there on the edge—and then he’ll push me even further. He’ll respond to a few work emails, check his fantasy baseball on his phone, and then floss.


    Yup… BINGO. To read the entire thing (and you really should because it’s fucking hilarious) click HERE. Keep reading for the items that have caught our interest this week…

    *boob smoosh*


    Holy Carps! We can cite tweets now. (For all those times you need to quote the talking cock avatar.)  For All the English Majors Out There

    My brother watched this video and said it reminded him of every woman he has ever dated:

    I’m not too proud to say that the roller skating part with Colbert and the Breaking Bad guy is going in my spank bank. BAM!

    I love roller skates and plaid suits! 

    I love Curvaceous Dee for her sexy and interesting photos. Here she gives us her favorite photo pics for July. BEWARE THE EYE CANDY!

    The Truth About Female Desire –  Female sexuality is animalistic and ravenous? Get the fuck out!

    V-Steam Vaginal Spa Treatment – Would you like your vagina raw or steamed?

  7. Juicy Link Lovin’

    August 1, 2013 by Heather Cole

    I come across many amazing blogs, websites, and articles on the interwebs every day. Some of them, like: My Husband Hates My Sex Toy, send me on a trip down memory lane with a serious case of side stitches. And others, like: Teenage Exorcists Explain the Dangers of Sexually Transmitted Demons, make me spew coffee all over my electronic devices. Seriously, WHAT THE MEOW? (my daughter says that instead of swearing)

    I decided to start showing some link love by sharing my favorites with y’all. It’s kind of like sex, but no condoms required. Okay, that really didn’t make sense, but whatever.



    Sharknado Sequel Ideas – These need to happen.

    Kinks and Fetishes: what’s the difference?

    Ninjas, Mimes & Hot Sex – The Bedhead’s Quick Guide To Dirty Talk – I’m actually practicing my dirty talk skills. This was really helpful!

    Glittery nail polish AND nipple piercings?? Oh yes please! – Shiny Things

    Delicious Picture – I haven’t said one blessed thing about the royal baby. I swear!

    Best comment on a sex article ever. “This broke my penis…”Cosmo’s Awesome New Sex Positions And yes, Cosmo came up with the title “Nips Ahoy.” <snort>