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Friday, August 23, 2013

In this addition of our weekly roundup of interesting links, I contemplate adding more old-timey penis lexicon to my vocabulary: “Is that nature’s tufted treasure I spy?!” (Imagine me exclaiming this at the next play party.) This is NOT to be confused with me adding old-timey penis to my pants or anywhere else for that matter. Unless you’re into that. I reveal that I never use the term “making love,” and I contemplate different aspects of the word “slut” and what it means to me. This sparked a broader conversation which I’ll be posting next week. Stay tuned for more making love and sluts. Possibly at the same time.

Happy Friday, y’all!



I have to be honest. I swooned when I saw this. Then I applauded.

Oh, just admit it. You need help filling the awkward pauses too. There’s help for us!

Now before everyone starts freaking out… MONOGAMY IS DEAD! HAHAHAHAHAHA! You should have seen your face…

Someday I hope to take photos as beautiful as Molly.

You’re never too old to be called a slut and then have small-minded people try to shame you for it. I stand with my sister sluts in solidarity.

The Un-Slut Project – Slut shaming and sexual bullying: raise awareness and change our world.

Public Service Announcement – Boobs.

Who vs Whom – As God is my witness, “To whom did you give a flamethrower for Christmas?” is a question I will one day ask.

     Holy carps, the SPIDERS!

     It’s grammar, Heather. Focus.

Whose Orgasms Are We Moaning About Anyway? – For whom are you moaning? Did you see what I did there? Did ya?

Dumb Domme made a sex tape – I sure do love that Domme. *swoon*

4 responses to “This Week In Links”

  1. Molly says:

    Yet again you two are hilarious…

    And thank you very much for the lovely compliment and the linky love


  2. Lola says:

    Where can we see that pee tape?

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