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Friday, September 6, 2013

‘Tis the season of back to school, and I’ve had schoolgirl uniforms and rulers on the brain. Thanks to Michael at Blossom and Thorn, I have some sexy images that are fueling my preoccupation. As he said in the comments, I’m already on the principle’s naughty list. It’s an art form, people. <bows> Speaking of school, guess where this 1950’s “game” came from… a grade school textbook! Which just makes me think that my grandparents’ single beds were pure subterfuge. And wow… grandparents having sex… MOVING ON NOW…


Heather’s Picks:

I promised myself I wouldn’t comment on the Miley/Beetlejuice incident, but I have to share THIS. I mean, it’s Kirk and his few facial expressions. DON’T TRY TO RESIST THE KIRK!

Pandas are smokin’ the ropes. Don’t tell my mother!

The bullies of Goodreads are getting a lot of attention lately. I hope it incites a policy change, because bullying is unacceptable under any circumstances. There is a canyon-sized difference between giving constructive criticism based on reading someone’s work and trashing it just because you can.

Nikki’s faves:

Teaching Good Sex – Every high school needs this teacher.

Wait, men fake orgasms? – I don’t get this because if it’s not messy, somebody’s got some ‘splainin’ to do.

Alyssa Milano’s Educational Sex Tape – The only thing I learned from this is a man wearing a shortie robe is never okay.

Shades of Grey 23 Funniest Quotes – If I ever compare orgasms to the spin cycle on a washing machine, bitchslap me, please.

Get F*cked – “The world will be a better place when more men take it up the ass.” I can’t love this hard enough. And oddly, I feel like singing.

Happy Friday, y’all!

*boob smoosh*



2 responses to “TGIFL aka Thank Goodness It’s Friday Links”

  1. Dale Ealey says:

    We had a nut job at work who turned his cubicle into a Alyssa Milano shrine, so I was already about done with her. This tidbit was the last straw. She needs to come with a truth in packaging warning. You lovely ladies have a nice weekend! *smacks on your elegant haunches!*

    • Heather Cole says:

      Dale, I had no idea that it was ok to turn our cubes into shrines. I’ve wasted all these years! Thanks for the spanks, and now I know what calendar to get you for Christmas. Alyssa Milano

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