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Friday, August 9, 2013

Things have been a little crazy on the home front which reminded me of just how sexy hot a domestic routine can be. The Onion has, hands down the pants, THE best domestic erotica around. Want a peek?

“Oh, God, I could listen to him snort himself awake right now. But then watch what he does to me, the sexy bastard: He’ll see that I’m in agony, he’ll see that I’m right there on the edge—and then he’ll push me even further. He’ll respond to a few work emails, check his fantasy baseball on his phone, and then floss.


Yup… BINGO. To read the entire thing (and you really should because it’s fucking hilarious) click HERE. Keep reading for the items that have caught our interest this week…

*boob smoosh*


Holy Carps! We can cite tweets now. (For all those times you need to quote the talking cock avatar.)  For All the English Majors Out There

My brother watched this video and said it reminded him of every woman he has ever dated:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-4EDhdAHrOg&feature=youtube_gdata_player

I’m not too proud to say that the roller skating part with Colbert and the Breaking Bad guy is going in my spank bank. BAM!

I love roller skates and plaid suits! 

I love Curvaceous Dee for her sexy and interesting photos. Here she gives us her favorite photo pics for July. BEWARE THE EYE CANDY!

The Truth About Female Desire –  Female sexuality is animalistic and ravenous? Get the fuck out!

V-Steam Vaginal Spa Treatment – Would you like your vagina raw or steamed?

4 responses to “Lovin’ the Links”

  1. Sheri Savill says:

    Wow I just stopped in to read your latest post and BAM! there’s MY name in lights in a VA post! My muhfuqqin’ name! Gonna go breathe into a paper bag now. 😉

  2. Your links posts are great! Also, thanks for the pimpage (and the typography link – that was awesome!).

    xx Dee

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