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January 4, 2013 by Heather Cole

Our first donuts together.

Our first donuts together.


January 3 was our official anniversary, and VAGINA ANTICS is now one year old. Can you hear me squealing with delight? ONE YEAR OLD! And in that short time we’ve hit some heels-over-our-ears goals, like being #26 on THE TOP 100 SEX BLOGGERS OF 2012. Dammit, I’m going to throw confetti all over again to celebrate. *breaks out vacuum*

Looking back at our first month of posts in January 2012, I had to laugh at some of our hijinks. I’m also a bit nostalgic for those two women beginning this adventure. We had no idea what was in store for us, and we’re still wondering… looking back, laughing, and then thrusting ahead. Heh… I said “thrust.” I don’t know that Nikki and I are any more skilled at relationships now than we were then, but we certainly know more about ourselves (and our vagina’s) than we did. We’re also looking forward to sharing another year of shenanigans and blunders and the dreaded feefees! (that’s “feelings” for those of you not afraid of them)

Read our first post

Then and Now – Some of our 2012 Highlights


Then: Jan 2012 – Dubbed High Priestess of Sexual Blunders by Nikki for my rookie mistakes in bed.

NOW: Um, yeah… so… sigh… I still wear that crown. I got jizz in my eye just the other night. IT WAS DARK! There was this unexpected last shot that just took my eye by surprise. Stop snickering and hand me an eyepatch. Also, I want an apology chocolate cake. NOW!

Then: Feb 2012 – I met Liri and she popped my lady cherry!

NOW: Her guest post, The Art of Cunnilingus, is still one of our most viewed pages. We began officially dating in the summer and typing that still makes me blush. She’s my touchstone. My world isn’t right unless we’re in sync. We interact a lot on the Twitter if you’re into lusty cheese references. No really. Cheese. Because cheese is the best food of all. Stop rolling your eyes, Nikki!

Then: March 2012 – I had a biopsy and talked to my Mama about being kinky for the first time. (Reading this still makes me cry. Damn the feefees!)

NOW: I’m perfectly healthy and out to my Mama and little brother about being kinky, bisexual and polyamorous. Or as Mama likes to say, “I’m livin’ crazy.” Yes, I still love her something awful.

Then: July 2012 – I left the service of my first Dominant and Master. It was the most devastating break-up of my life, but after he and his wife trashed me publicly on Twitter, I swore I’d never write another word about him. I also ended a polyamorous relationship with B. Thankfully we’re still in contact, still friends and can still wax nostalgic about the moon and the most horrible movie ever made.

NOW: I’m currently “under consideration” for a new collar from the Boy Scout. I received a custom-made collar and cuffs for Christmas (along with a pretty pink butt plug) although I haven’t earned the right to wear them yet. I’m also discovering other Dominants in the community that wish to use their sadistic talents on this slave’s pale flesh. Plus, my kickass girlfriend is a sadistic cunt in her own right. (And I say that with all the love in my heart.) My other partner, Zen, can deliver a fantastic spanking even though he considers himself the “conventional” one in the group. My cup runneth over with beatings and bruises and orgasms! BLISS!

Then: August 2012 – Nikki and I went to our first BDSM club! I had my first rope scene! I melted into a puddle at the talented hands of Master Cecil!

NOW: On my next trip to visit Nikki you bet your sugar britches we’re going back to The Woodshed. I’ve kept in touch with one Dominant in particular from that night who wants to “host” me for a couple days. I’ll be a live-in slave for a short stint… oh holy Moses, will that be a helluva good time and blog post.

Then: November 2012 – We made the list! Nikki and I hit #26 on The Top 100 Sex Bloggers of 2012!! Many thanks to Rori from Between My Sheets for placing us there and our fans who voted. Spanks all around!

Now: I was laying on my living room floor with Zen, tucked into the crook of his arm. He placed a kiss on my forehead and murmured, “you’re the best find of 2012.” I grinned, kissed him back, and said “I’m going to steal your words for the end of my blog post!” 2012 brought amazing people into my life. People who I still talk to and love and cherish. I’m grateful to be a part of their lives, for the abundance of love and respect that surrounds us, and I’m looking forward to seeing what adventures we get up to in 2013. And the sex. Oh heavens, am I looking forward to the sex.


Then: February 2012 – I expressed my exceedingly low level of bullshit tolerance in an open letter of sorts to any Dom, eDom, or wanna-be who mistakenly assumed that just because I was submissive, I was submissive to everyone.

Today: I dare anyone to try.

Then: April 2012 – The Switch was a hot little fiction piece about the awakening of the dominant inside when her partner expressed the desire to wear her anal plug.

Now: Okay, I lied. There was nothing fictitious about it. It was totally me, my boyfriend, and my plug in his ass. Since then, we’ve graduated to bigger and better *snicker* things, but my stainless steel plug is still put to good use from time to time. Now, though, my favorite place to put it is in his mouth, after he’s told to remove it from my ass.

Then: April 2012 –
The search for the perfect strap-on was exhausting, but the emotions of topping my boyfriend for the first time damn near did me in. Part of me was still clinging to the notion that I was a submissive. I didn’t know if I could take my boyfriend with a strap-on. Or if I even wanted to. And the other part of me was secretly worried how unsexy I would look while trying to put the fucking harness on.

Now: The doubt I once had makes me giggle. Not only do I enjoy fucking him with a strap-on, I crave it. And hearing him beg is an incredible high. Also, Santa failed to bring me the La Femme harness I asked for, but no worries, my boyfriend is perfectly happy with our recent Feeldoe acquisition. And if he decides he isn’t, thanks to the Kegel’s required to hold the damn thing in, I’m pretty sure I could snap him in half with my vagina.

Then: Heather crowned me Queen of Anal in May, which was a title I took very seriously, because I loved buttsex. Really loved it. And my boyfriend loved it just as much. We were an anal loving couple. And a couple who loves anal together, has many orgasms together. Or something like that.

Now: Yep, still love anal. And ass worship. Oh, did I forget to mention my boyfriend worships my ass? Huh. Maybe I should write about his ass fetish.

Then: I met my soulmateclone for the very first time in August 2012. It wasn’t poetic, it wasn’t overly dramatic, and it damn sure wasn’t a Mary Tyler Moore moment. It was so much better. There was booze, lots of booze. And upside down corsets, power ballads, and videos of my boyfriend’s cock. Oh, and dungeons and cheeseburgers, because we’re fucking classy.

Now: We’re still soulmateclones, we still drink booze and we still eat cheeseburgers. And sometimes the wrapper, because we’re still fucking classy. (And there are still pics of her boyfriend’s cock. We have a scrapbook! ~Heather)

* * * *

Nikki and I both want to say how much we value you, our readers. Without your comments, feedback and interactions here or on Twitter and Facebook, we would be sad vagina writers indeed. You make this all doubly worth the effort. Thank you from the bottom of our sassy southern hearts, and we can’t wait to hear from you in 2013. Happy New Year, y’all!

A Sexy Vagina Surprise… Er, Surprise from our Vaginas? Oh hush and read!

To help celebrate our wildly successful first year, we’re offering a gift card to Eden Fantasys worth $75 of sinful sexiness. Just leave a comment at the bottom of this post, and at the end of the month we’ll be selecting a commenter at random as our winner. Speak now or forever hold your orgasm!


  1. Joe_Kickass says:

    I recently read this blog from cover to cover, and I approve. I went on a kinky journey of my own this past year, so it was fun to track your evolution and think about where I was on that same date. Keep up the good work, ladies.

  2. Callie says:


    Your blog has meant so much to me over this last year as I went on a journey to find myself. While that journey is far from over, just reading how you faced your challenges with wit and fortitude has helped keep things in perspective for me.

    Thank you for being there, and here’s wishing you many many more years of success with Antics!


    • Heather Cole says:

      Oh, Callie – I’m so glad we’ve become friends on this journey. You’re right… it’s never really over until it’s over. Thank goodness we have one another for companionship along the way. Hugs and kisses, hot stuff. <3

  3. Beca says:

    Congrats on the anniversary!

  4. Jenny Lyn says:

    First, I want to say CONGRATULATIONS!! all shouty and emphatic-like. You two deserve all of the kudos you’ve received and then some. Here’s to many more increasingly successful years of naughty blogging ahead.

    Personally, I want to thank both of you for being so sweet and supportive of my vanilla ass and my writing. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know both of you over this past year, and reading about your sexy, bold journeys. One day we’ll get together and drink heavily in celebration of another milestone I’m sure!

    Much love to you both,

    • Heather Cole says:

      Oh Miss Jenny, I’ve thought long and hard (heh…hard) about what to write to you. I like to think that our mutual writing successes have blossomed alongside our friendship. I count myself so lucky to be your friend and writing cheerleader. I’ll be supporting your sweet vanilla ass always, because you’re just one of the amazing people I’ve met on this incredible journey. I’m so thankful for you presence in my life. Hugs and love, and oh honey, some day we’ll be sharing a box of wine in celebration in person! xoxo H

  5. Huge congratulations from London!!!

    I only recently found your wonderfully entertaining, and inspiring, website (via Between My Sheets actually). I’ve been captivated and read backwards, and re-read forwards, ever since.

    May you keep us all enthralled in the same manner throughout the coming year.

    With best wishes – Modesty

  6. Karen Booth says:

    You ladies astound me–keep on plowing ahead! Uh, yeah, take that as you will. And I have a pretty good idea how you’ll take it. Wow. How does every last thing out of my mouth end up sounding filthy? 🙂

  7. K-tee says:

    W. O.
    I. Y. R
    S. M.
    H. K. L
    O. C
    U. O. D
    L. R
    D. 2. L
    G. U
    E. O. O
    T. Y. V
    R P E T S L A T. E
    I H. O I. Y
    Z. T. D. A
    E. B. U. I D. O. N. T N. E. E. LL

  8. Hyacinth says:

    Congrats you guys! I wish you continued blogging and friendship success and love!

  9. CJ Lemire says:

    A Vagina Antics anniversary, and not a single mention of bacon? WTF, Heather and Nikki? And you have the nerve to call yourselves kinksters.

    Just kidding, of course. Congrats on the anniversary, and here’s hoping 2013 is even more wonderful and amazing for you both. With corsets on right side up this time.

  10. Jason Darrick says:

    I’m so lucky and proud to have met both of you this past year. Cheers to much happiness and sexiness in 2013!

  11. Nikki Blue says:

    Thank you and big hugs to you all for reading, for your support, and most importantly, for your friendship. It means the world to us. And as you already know, I suck at replying to comments, unlike Heather. But I promise I’ll be better in 2013. *no I won’t*


  12. Jaye says:

    Heather and Nikki

    Thanks for putting up with all my shit and jokes and late night texts about everything.

    Love both of you.


  13. Britt says:

    I ADORE both of you. I’ve read this post at least three times, but can never write a good enough comment. So…this will have to do.

    You both know how thankful I am for your support, your friendship, your love, your everything. You found each other, and I admire the fuck out of both of you, every single day. You inspire me, and of course I learn from your mistakes 😉

    But mostly, I just love you both so damn much. <3

    • Heather Cole says:

      Aw, Brit! BRIT! We love you so much too! I remember the first time Nikki fretted over you with worry. You’re amazing, and we don’t have to worry. (OK, not too much!) And I’m still going to get you alone some day and… well, that’s to be continued in a different post. *boob smoosh*

  14. Congrats on a year! You certainly did have an eventful one. It has now been a year since I posted on my blog, but I’ve returned from the dead and that will be changing soon. I’m working on a new design and cleaning up the back end at the moment. Please excuse the dust if you decide to pay me a visit!

  15. BiLikesSciFi says:

    I had no idea you were so new to the blogging world together! Your antics on twitter and on blog have been really fun to watch and read. I’m a voyeur of sorts so I may not comment or talk very much, but I certainly watch and enjoy your tweets!

    Congrats on an excellent year!

  16. […] my pom-poms? Anyway, thank you to everyone for reading about, commenting on and supporting our first year of Vagina Antics! As always, kisses, spanks and naked […]

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