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Monday, January 28, 2013

This week on Vagina Antics we’re all about the people, places and actions that dance through our heads as we masturbate. Or do you prefer to leave your mind blank and just FEEL? Whatever it is that gets you off, we want to hear about it. Tweet or comment here or on FB… tell us about your fantasy sex lives!

Kicking off our fantasy sex week is FELT TIPS contributor and hot erotica author, Diana Cruze. I had to agree, werewolves = swoon in my book!


When Juliana and I started brainstorming topic ideas, one thing we both agreed on was sexy fantasy creatures. Granted, my contribution to Felt Tips didn’t have any fantasy creatures, but I’m not one to give up the chance to think about sexy beasts. The kinky possibilities seem endless, and so far, I haven’t met a fantasy creature I didn’t like. Thinking about fantasy creatures as a sexual outlet allows for the exploration of taboos that normally might otherwise feel a little squicky. Werewolves seem to work for more people than bestiality… obsessive vampires sound somehow more appealing than stalking murderers.

Some of my earliest and still most favorite sexual fantasies involve dragons. Particularly the shapeshifing variety… dragons who can deceitfully shift into the shape of man for their own nefarious purposes. There’s something beautiful and ethereal about imagining the maiden trapped by a vicious, eternal beast, especially one who can suddenly appear as a smooth and elegant human, still retaining the supernatural energy that make dragons so seductive. There’s an appeal to the mythos surrounding dragons. Their hypnotic powers, timeless wisdom, ferocity and unpredictable nature all spell sexy to me.

I like to switch up the way I think about this, especially when I’m in the mood for some private playtime. Imagining an innocent maiden, helpless and terrified as the dragon’s snakelike eyes glimmer over her, lets me tease the limits of consent while in the safety of my own mind. A dragon who captures a sweet and trusting princess only to become enamored by her quickly becomes a seductive obsession fantasy, and maybe my dragon isn’t always in control of his beastly passions. Depending on how fully a dragon takes on the aspect of a human, the beastlike wings, claws and scaly flesh easily becomes a hot addition to my wilder fantasies.

The beauty of fantasy creatures is how fluid the rules are. Things that might seem unacceptable to think about between two humans are suddenly no longer deal breakers. I’m free to explore the darkest, most forbidden facets of my fantasies.


Diana Cruze is a writer, reader, and the stereotypical girl-next-door turned wife-and-mommy-next-door. Her favorite genres are varied, and include fantasy, romance, young adult, and historical. She loves pink jellybeans, dandelions, and all things tropical. She also loves reading and writing erotic romance, as well as young adult fiction, which she writes as Diana Paz. So far, she’s found that having two identities is pretty fun. Find her on Twitter @dianacruze or check out the upcoming release of her YA time-travel novel, Timespell, at dianapaz.com.


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