Game Night

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The great thing about having kinky friends is that many sexual things are possible. There are many instances, however, when sex doesn’t happen and we do completely traditional things like playing board games. When I was asked to host Game Night, I anticipated mostly wholesome behavior until I received a reminder text from the lovely Ms A that none of us should wear “granny panties.” If I had any doubts after that, sir dispelled them when he told me not to wear any panties at all. Being the good sex slave that I am, I complied and wore a black cotton minidress, pink argyle knee socks, and nothing else.

The evening began innocently enough. Wine flowed and pizza was served. We talked about regular things like air travel, microbrews, and how old we were when we bought our first vibrators. Then at the urging of his girlfriend, DS shed his pants to show us his fabulous flame covered briefs. Everyone was impressed by his underwear and its well-endowed contents. You know you’re with a good group of people when even the hetero men feel comfortable complimenting another dude on the size of his dick. I was inundated with a feeling of goodwill  and camaraderie. Disrobing seemed to dissolve any restraint in the evening, and from that point on things got raunchier.

I stood to clear the table and sir beckoned me closer. I didn’t need to ask what he wanted, because I could see the desire on his face. My heartbeat raced. His hand slipped between my legs, and I felt his fingers push inside me. I was already slick with excitement, the titillating view of a half-naked man fueling my fires. Sir’s fingers expertly swirled inside me, and I was ready to orgasm.

“Announce what you’re doing, slave,” he said.

“I’m coming,” I gasped as my muscles clenched around his hand. My orgasm caught everyone’s attention, and I was overcome by pleasure and embarrassment. I stared down at the table until I could pull myself together enough to continue clearing the table.

Sir said that I no longer blush when he makes me orgasm in front of people. Maybe my embarrassment didn’t show on the outside, but part of me remained mortified that I indulged in such exhibitionism. I felt this weird cycle of excitement, embarrassment, shame, and joy. Part of me was horrified that I got off on other people watching me come, yet another part of me was exultant. It was an uncomfortable way to be sometimes, but when I was surrounded by kinky friends, I felt less appalled.

When Ms. A came into the kitchen with dirty plates, I had to kiss her. She wanted to talk about scheduling our next date, and I just wanted to feel her lips on mine. She was too sexy not to touch, and I wound my hand in her hair to press her closer. If sir hadn’t reminded me of my task, I think I would have spent an hour exploring the sweetness of her lips and voluptuous breasts.

The next couple of hours were spent playing Scribblish and then Jenga. The tequila flowed, and we laughed until we cried over the ridiculous pictures we had drawn. When the Jenga tower was assembled, I groaned out loud. Two margaritas were going to inhibit my coordination considerably, so sir gave me the option of blowing him under the table. As much as the idea appealed to me, I didn’t want to miss out on the gaming fun. When it was my turn to tease a block from the stack, I felt someone’s hand ease between my thighs. I wanted to say something witty about an unfair distraction, but someone’s cool fingers were already caressing the lips of my pussy. The fingers had a delicate touch that could only belong to Ms. A. I can’t explain how I managed to get the block free without tipping the entire thing as I orgasmed, but I did it. There really needs to be an award for that kind of tipsy coordination. Or a badge. I’ll add it to my dirty Girl Scout sash right next to my deep-throat award.

I had been made to orgasm at least five times by the time Kuma suggested that we take a break, and it felt like the perfect segue to my living room floor where I leaned against sir as the beautiful Ms. A knelt between my legs. There was no unanimous vote that the toys would come out and cocks would be sucked. It just kind of happened. Ms. A licked and sucked my clit until I came, her peppermint lip gloss making me tingle in all the right places. I writhed on the floor surrounded by some of my dearest friends, my orgasm made more intense because of the added element of voyeurism. The tableau was seared into my brain. The sturdy warmth of sir behind me, holding and supporting me, the lustful magic of Ms. A’s amazing oral skills, and her creamy pale skin spread before me like some pagan goddess. Directly behind her sat our friends and lovers, watching and enjoying our sexual offering. It was a heady concoction.

Ms. A’s clothes came off, and then sir practiced some florentine flogging on her. The flogging spurred her toward orgasm. She fell into the arms of her partner, and he helped her finish with his fingers on her clit. I had the opportunity to watch two people connect in a cloud of lust and love. I felt incredibly lucky to have friends who were comfortable sharing facets of their connection with me, because it served to feed and foster my own.

DS then got his cock sucked by his girlfriend which was super hot because from my vantage point I could admire her shapely ass plus expert blowjob technique. This in turn seemed to inspire sir, because he motioned me over to his chair. He nodded at the fly of his pants, and I began to unbutton them. I took him into my mouth as the conversation continued around me. He was incredibly hard, and I relished pushing him deep into my throat. I heard the words “daisy chain” and then Ms. A’s fingers found my labia again. My mouth remained on sir as she played with my body, an orgasm building rapidly inside me. I shouted around sir’s cock when I came, and it took all my concentration not to dissolve into a puddle at his feet. The generosity of my loved ones continued to astound me.

We talked until late, reluctant to end the fun-filled evening. After the last of our friends had left, I was ready to fall into a sound sleep. I’d had more orgasms than I could count. As I snuggled into sir’s arms, he told me to sleep and that he would wake me up in a couple hours to slake his desires. He whispered in my ear as I drifted off, telling me how incredibly sexy it was to hold me and watch as Ms. A pleasured me. I burrowed deeper into his arms, and I had just enough presence of mind to smile and thank him for the amazing experience.

“Such a good girl,” he said, and I fell asleep.


6 responses to “Game Night”

  1. Kayla Lords says:

    Clearly, I need to expand my group of friends. What I like most is that it didn’t just paint a hot picture in my mind, but a beautiful one, as well. Sure, sure, it could be seen as simple debauchery, but the way you described the comfort each of you had in the others’ presence is pretty powerful.

    • Heather Cole says:

      Thank you, Kayla! That’s exactly what I was trying to do. It’s the best feeling in the world to feel excepted with all of your kinks by your friends. The night was awesome, made so by some pretty awesome people.

  2. H.H. says:

    A fun night of games, never bored.

  3. Master H says:

    Sounds like a great night. Next time you should play Settlers of Catan where you can get some wood for your sheep and create some erections (of settlemnets). 🙂

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