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  1. Juicy Link Lovin’

    August 1, 2013 by Heather Cole

    I come across many amazing blogs, websites, and articles on the interwebs every day. Some of them, like: My Husband Hates My Sex Toy, send me on a trip down memory lane with a serious case of side stitches. And others, like: Teenage Exorcists Explain the Dangers of Sexually Transmitted Demons, make me spew coffee all over my electronic devices. Seriously, WHAT THE MEOW? (my daughter says that instead of swearing)

    I decided to start showing some link love by sharing my favorites with y’all. It’s kind of like sex, but no condoms required. Okay, that really didn’t make sense, but whatever.



    Sharknado Sequel Ideas – These need to happen.

    Kinks and Fetishes: what’s the difference?

    Ninjas, Mimes & Hot Sex – The Bedhead’s Quick Guide To Dirty Talk – I’m actually practicing my dirty talk skills. This was really helpful!

    Glittery nail polish AND nipple piercings?? Oh yes please! – Shiny Things

    Delicious Picture – I haven’t said one blessed thing about the royal baby. I swear!

    Best comment on a sex article ever. “This broke my penis…”Cosmo’s Awesome New Sex Positions And yes, Cosmo came up with the title “Nips Ahoy.” <snort>