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  1. We’re Porn for Women and We’re Proud

    December 12, 2013 by Heather Cole

    When Nikki and I began this blog almost two years ago, our focus was on writing about our evolving sexual identity and new sexual experiences and connecting with readers despite any differences of kink, relationship style or personal grooming disasters. Our goal was to connect with others in our kink community, the online and sex blogging communities and hopefully appeal to a broad readership. Because even though what we did in the bedroom and out of it may have been different from what y’all did, many of the emotions were similar. We wanted to offer titillating anecdotes, but more importantly, we wanted to communicate authentically about sexuality. And we hoped that you felt us. You know… felt us deeply.

    During our newbie year of sex blogging if you had called Vagina Antics “porn,” we probably would have disagreed. We’re writing about our lives and trust me, sweeties, my life is definitely not a porn shoot. For one thing, the dialogue is better. But mainly we’d disagree because the word “porn” alienates a lot of people. Like any label, it doesn’t describe the breadth of what we write here. However, at the same time we realize that for many people, our antics are something they’d search for on PornHub. Or at least they’d think about searching for it on PornHub.

    When we were featured in the article “Porn for Women: A Tasteful Guide to Sexy Time” by Rachel Zar, Nikki and I were ECSTATIC to be considered part of the porn genre and to be numbered among these wonderful websites, writers and bloggers.

    Here’s what Ms. Zar had to say about Vagina Antics:

    “First of all, the writers of this blog, Heather and Nikki, are super kinky. They’ve tried stuff many women wouldn’t even dream of — orgies, BDSM, laser hair removal down there… But the great thing about these two BFFS is that their writing is so relatable, funny, and honest that they’ll have you accepting all these sexy habits as normal ways of life — and probably even craving to try them yourselves.”

    I have to chuckle at the use of “normal” in this instance, because both Nikki and I see our sexual practices as completely normal. But I understand what Ms. Zar is saying, and it’s precisely what we’ve wanted for this blog and our books. Maybe the concept/position/toy strikes you as unusual or exotic, but we still want you to enjoy your time here. We want to entertain you and make you think both in and out of your pants and get you wet/hard/horny. Yup, we want to take over the world with our vaginas. Metaphorically speaking. So thank you, Refinery29 and Rachel Zar, for including us in your porn extravaganza! We hope y’all enjoy the ride.

    *vagina high-five*