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  1. G is for Gray Pubic Hair

    June 7, 2014 by Heather Cole





    Before I met sir, I was more devoted to visiting my aesthetician than I was the dentist. My ponynose was near and dear to my vagina (obviously) and my heart. I loved being bare down there. When I became sir’s slave, one of the first things he wanted me to do was grow out my pubic hair. Boy howdy, did I resist. I hemmed and hawed and threw a hissy. I had yet to learn that the more I protested a particular suggestion, the more sir became enamored with it. So I agreed on the surface that I would comply with growing a bush, but secretly I trimmed and shaved when I was alone. It was growing… but really reaaaaalllly slowly.

    Everything was going according to my plan until I accidentally snipped my labia with a pair of scissors as I tried to tame this one extra-long pube. You can imagine my phone call to my bestie. There was a lot of blood and shrieking (me), and I’m pretty sure she laughed through most of it. I had to tell sir. There was no way I could have vaginal sex (it would rub with every movement) until the cut healed. Sir didn’t laugh, but he told me I could no longer be trusted with scissors. I cried, but he was resolute. My carefully coiffed pubes went from barely there to retro bush in just a couple weeks. And that’s when I saw it…


    I don’t see it now though. In fact, I went into the bathroom only moments ago and checked for absolute certain. And no, there’s no gray pubic hair. My bush is silky and dark blond. It was probably the light hitting a particularly luxurious strand or something. Maybe I was drunk. At any rate, I’ve decided that I don’t believe in it. It’s like the fabled Sasquatch of my bush. A mere rumor to spook explorers in the area. There’s no scientific evidence of the alleged gray pubic hair exists. Seriously.