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  1. Ask Heather – Tie her up?

    December 29, 2012 by Heather Cole

    Dear Heather:

    I’ve been kinda getting to know this AWESOME girl. I went to my first rope tying munch with her this weekend, and we really had a great time.  It is clear to me that she enjoyed it.  She is much more experienced than I am, but totally patient, and I think into the fact that I am taking initiative to learn.   Really sweet girl! The lessons at this particular ropes class were fairly advanced.  Way above my head, as they were geared toward ties for curvy women, specifically for suspension.  This is probably not a newsflash for you, but I save a little bit on rent because I opted for the unit (hehe, “unit”) that did NOT have the power wench in the guest-room ceiling.  Who knew at the time?  😉    No, all jokes aside, I’m neither equipped, nor knowledgeable enough to do any serious suspension, or advanced bondage, yet our date will probably involve a little (or lot) of rope play.   
    Me, being me, I’m finally coming around to the point….
    Anyway, I can do a box-tie of her arms behind her back (likely with a good internet connection, or a few books in hand), could probably muddle my way through an over the shoulder or under the boobs harness, which I think she’d totally be into.  I can do a drum harness on the butt/legs, and could probably read up enough to tie ankles or knees.  I’ve read up on all the safety precautions, and I do have scissors that are capable of easily cutting the rope I have, if needed.  What I don’t know, is where to start.  Obviously, it’s a personal thing, and what one person likes, another may not.  I get that, but I thought I’d ask you for maybe some directional pointers.   EG:  what is common and universally likely to be enjoyed.   As a beginner do I just go with “Rope Play and experimentation”, and make that somewaht sensual in itself?  Or are there some things I can do to incorporate more play into a lite scene?   (FWIW, I don’t plan on it getting sexual yet.  Taking it slow with this person, yet keeping an open mind.)
    Thanks for indulging me!
    Rope Newbie
    Dear Newbie:
    Silly man, you can always ask me questions. How to start playing is a good one! Especially since it’s a new relationship and you’re learning about each other. Whether you realize it or not, you already know where to begin. The basics you listed are pretty impressive. I’m a rope newbie myself, and you’ve already made me swoon a little bit with your descriptions. Willingness to learn and try new things trumps inexperience every single time. You have the bonus of going to a class together, and if she’s attracted to your initiative to learn more, then I would approach it like you want to try some stuff out with her. Something like, “I was thinking about trying out this tie with you. Want to experiment with me?”

    Here’s a link to my first rope scene. It was sensual yet basic. Rope feels alive to me, and what heightened the experience was that I was instructed to keep my eyes shut. Master Cecil ran the rope over my shoulders and breasts before he began an over the shoulder harness. My eyes were shut the entire time, and it was as much about the rope and being bound as it was the energy between us. (I know that sounds cheesy but it’s true.) Nothing sexual happened between us but it was sensual and amazing. One of my most favorite scenes ever.

    I hope my suggestions help. Just be yourself. Your amazing, funny, handsome self. You’ll knock her socks off. Well, tie them up or over or whatever.