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Need more sex on the internet?

February 12, 2014 by Heather Cole

Of course you do!

Kinkly is helping us find it. This week they unveiled their new Sex Blogger Directory that lists some of the best sex-positive content on the web. Vagina Antics is there too! Here’s the why of it in their own words:

“Why We Built the Sex Blogger Directory”

“It takes courage to be a sex blogger, and we think that should be celebrated, especially since it sometimes feels like the deck is stacked against the cool people who put it all out there in the name of promoting sex education, sex positive values and the pursuit of sexual pleasure.

Case in point: In June 2013, (a property of Google) gave sex blogs mere days to purge their sites of ads that monetized “adult” content. The definition of adult was vague, which meant that established, well-loved sites that covered everything from romance book reviews to sex activism had to scramble to find a new host. Next, in July, Tumblr, a site known for its edgy content, removed adult blogs from its search, essentially making them impossible to find. We’ve seen it here at Kinkly too. Most major social media sites and search engines won’t let us advertise, and when our friends and fans tried to nominate us as a top site for women at, their positive comments and votes were erased.

Sometimes it seems like sex, no matter how you tackle it, just isn’t welcome on the Web – or anywhere. So, we decided to do something about it by creating a friendly, welcoming space to highlight the best sex bloggers we could find. That led to a contest to find the Top 100 Sex Blogging Superheros of 2013. The response was overwhelming. We were on to something!

There was just one problem though. The contest was based on the number of votes placed for blogs nominated on The reach just wasn’t big enough. Plus, we don’t just want to highlight the most popular blogs – we want to make a space for all of them! So, we set out to build a system that was both more quantitative and more inclusive.”

Aren’t they just the dreamiest?

So CLICK HERE and spread the sexy word, friends.

You’re welcome.



  1. Kayla Lords says:

    I clicked…I submitted. Yay!!! I’m really good at that whole “submit” thing. 😉

  2. John Carcosa says:

    I’m just a guy who likes to post up porn but I very much applaud their efforts… and bookmark it for my own selfish needs.

  3. H.H. says:

    Thanks for posting this. As you probably know, we were a victim of the WordPress purge. We’ve also been banned from Google+, Facebook, and PayPal. Why? Because we’re a couple in love and who love to share our sex lives with the world. Horrible, I know. Our culture is too uptight. Most infuriating is that this isn’t even government censorship. It’s censorship in the hands of private corporations.
    Anyhow, don’t get me started. Happy Valentines Day everyone!

    • Heather Cole says:

      H.H., I’m glad we could spread the word and your wonderful blog. Yes, it’s terrible that two consenting adults have to censor themselves for the whims of corporate puritanism. Keep up the good fight, because we’re definitely reading (and enjoying) you and Lola. Hugs!

  4. Dale Ealey says:

    Reading about how they came up with their rankings prompted me to check and see if I was liking and following. Seems that my twitter follow had dropped off and I re-followed. Probably won’t help your ranking, but…

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