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Thursday, February 12, 2015

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A friend of mine shared an article that Dave Barry wrote for the New York Times last March, reviewing Fifty Shades of Grey. Barry explains that he wanted to read the book, because…

“…as a man with decades of experience in the field of not knowing what the hell women are thinking, I was hoping this book would give me some answers. Because a lot of women LOVED this book. And they didn’t just read it; they responded to it by developing erotic feelings—feelings so powerful that in some cases they wanted to have sex with their own husbands.”

Read the entire article HERE.

Barry offers his review of the book, and it’s not favorable.

“This is the kind of a book where, instead of saying things, characters muse them, and they are somehow able to muse them matter-of-factly. And these matter-of-fact musings cause other characters’ brows—which of course were already knitted—to knit stillfurther. The book is over five hundred pages long and the whole thing is written like that. If Jane Austen (another bestselling female British author) came back to life and read this book, she would kill herself.”

He’s very funny about not liking the book (which one would expect from Dave Barry), but what I appreciated most about his article was that he brought up two interesting points. The first being that what women consider erotica (he used the word ‘porn’) is not what men expect from porn. I’ve been saying this to my sir whenever he edits one of my stories. His complaint is that the plot interferes with the fucking. I point out that it’s because he’s a man, and if I wrote a story for him it would be 95% sex and 1% dialogue. Thank you, Mr. Barry, for supporting my point.

The best part of Barry’s essay, in my opinion, is his conclusion about why women loved FSoG.

“Why was this book so incredibly popular? When so many women get so emotionally involved in a badly written, comically unrealistic porno yarn, what does this tell us? That women are basically insane? Yes.

I mean no! No. Of course it does not tell us that. What it tells us is this: Women are interested in sex.”

HOLD THE PHONE, people. Women are interested in sex??

And here comes my favorite of this article, he explains that many men grow up being taught that women don’t want sex as much as men. Shocker, I know. That’s one of the themes of our little ‘ol blog, right here. I mean, that’s exactly why we started writing about our sexual adventures. We, the women of Vagina Antics, wanted sex as much as men wanted sex. Not our husbands. Obviously. But like other men who wanted sex.

So despite my general disdain for FSoG (for poor craftsmanship on the author’s part), Barry’s article made me resent it less. If men can interpret it to mean that women like sex, then sally forth, gentlemen! Just be polite about it.


8 responses to “Dave Barry Reviews FSOG”

  1. Karen Blue says:

    I disliked this book as a whole. I liked that it got people thinking about kink. I hated that it is such a bad example of erotica. Hopefully, it will whet someones appetite for something better. Hopefully it does get men to realize that Women do like sex, we like it a lot and we want it kinky.

  2. I was unable to read it because it was so badly written too. I only lasted about three pages, and I had to put it down. I’m not literary snob, either; I like Dan Brown!
    I really enjoyed reading this post; lots of good points here.

    • Heather Cole says:

      Hahaha! I’ve enjoyed some Dan Brown novels myself, but I never felt the urge to tackle Fifty Shades. I *did* read the Twilight series, so you think that I’d be more willing to read Fifty. I’m enjoying reviews too much now to actually read the book. 😉

  3. […] night. I haven’t read the books, mostly because of the lackluster (poorly written) excerpts I read online. Sir watched it last week, though, and his feedback surprised me. He said there was a D/s contract […]

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