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  1. Coming soon: TEASE TO PLEASE

    August 9, 2015 by Heather Cole



    Tease to Please Printable 330 6x9

    Tease to Please


    EXTRAORDINARY AUTHOR EXCERPTS from  50 NYT, USA Today & Amazon Bestselling & Upcoming Authors


    Releasing August 2015

    ***FREE*** to All Our Fans


    TEASE TO PLEASE is a free book chock full of excerpts from 50 incredible authors. You can get a taste of a variety of stories before buying, and it’s a fantastic way to find new authors in the genres that you love. Think of it like as a free reading smorgasbord.

    • Discover new books in genres you love and find new titles that will delight you! Check out the genres below.
    • Love the excerpt — love the book! Indulge in this decadent collection of TEASE TO PLEASE excerpts from some of today’s most acclaimed, best-selling, and award-winning romance authors in a variety of romantic genres. This catalog includes excerpts from more than 30 best-selling romance authors.
    • Inside the ebook you can follow the author links to indulge in a great read, and sign up for the author’s newsletter, magazine, or blog subscription so you never miss a new release, free download, author promotion or giveaway/contest.


    Pick Your Favorite Romance SubGenre Author and Find New Ones:


    Erotic Romance: Christina Mandara, Gale Stanley, Paige Matthews, Leanore Elliott, Siobhan Daiko, Jade West, Normandie Alleman, A.R. Von, Ju Ephraime, Chloe Thurlow, Lucy Felthouse, Lily Harlem, Scarlett Flame, Jacqueline George, Shyla Colt, Teresa Noelle Roberts, Billionaires: Jaye Peaches, Chantel Rhondeau, Jacintha Topaz, Airicka Phoenix, Kim Carmichael, Cowboys: Mary J. McCoy-Dressel Paranormal/SciFi/Fantasy: Erzabet Bishop, LaVerne Thompson, Dariel Raye, P.T. Macias, Kayla Stonor, Ashen White, Lola StVil, Kiki Howell, Tabitha Rayne, Travis Luedke, A. K Michaels, Heather Cole, Romantic Suspense/Mystery: K D Grace, Debra Andrews, Natasha Knight, Marissa Farrar, Time Travel: Sky Purington, Multicultural/Interracial Romance: Cora Blu, Muffy Wilson, Vampires: Jordan K. Rose, Pablo Michaels, Carole Gill, Other: Bernard Foong, Athena Marie, Charity Parkerson, Jake Malden, Blak Rayne, Arla Dahl

  2. Secret Lives Anthology is HOT! (off the press)

    October 31, 2014 by Heather Cole

    Recently I had the opportunity to write a short story for the anthology, SECRET LIVES, and I’m so proud of what we accomplished.

    Seven Sexy Stories of Supernatural Secrets

    Inside you’ll find 70,000 words of erotic paranormal romance featuring shifters, ghosts, vampires, aliens and all sorts of sexy creatures that like to go bump in the night.

    Tempted by Blood by Jacqueline Sweet—When the boy you love won’t give you what you need, maybe his evil twin will.

    Knights in White Bondage by A. Regina Cantatis—An enchanted thrall and her Mistress visit a fetish resort, where they fascinate their fellow guests and attract the attention of a would-be knight in shining armor.

    Forking Around by Audrey Lusk—When you see the world differently from everyone else, it takes something unseen to make it a less lonely place.

    Mrs. Wong’s by Troy King—Take one jaded fixer, one mysterious young woman, a dash of magick, add a seedy dive, and mix thoroughly.

    Spooked by Ruby Madden—When Clementine inherits an aging Victorian mansion from her late aunt, never did she suspect she’d uncover a mysterious secret about a lover from the past, brought to the present, in the form of a ghost.

    A Dangerous Seduction by Heather Cole—Soledad has everyone fooled that she’s an ordinary librarian until a mysterious shapeshifter makes her want to reveal more than just her true identity.

    Vixen by Christin Lovell—Plus size Jessickah Banderkoff is a bartender by day, a guardian to the Underworld’s Kingdom by evening, and the vampire king’s lover by night, but every good thing must come to an end, right?

    And it’s only $.99 on Kindle!


    My story introduces Soledad, a librarian with a dark past. All she wants is to blend with the supernatural community and succeed at her prestigious job at the first paranormal library in the United States. Fate has other ideas, and when she runs into (literally) a strange shapeshifter, Sole considers revealing everything.


    Secret Lives-7-erotica






  3. M is for Mouth

    June 13, 2014 by Heather Cole

    My mouth gets me in trouble on a regular basis. I’m sassy, sometimes bordering on bratty, and words are my trade. If you can’t bandy words with me, chances are you won’t get in my pants. A friend joked recently that I always seem to carry a shovel with me. Meaning, I can dig my own grave with my words–a hole I can’t escape. My mouth often speaks before I can think through the repercussions which is one of the reasons sadists love me. I can’t help it so I’ve stopped trying.

    My mouth is central to my submission. I get spanks when I mouth off, among other things, and my mouth is a necessary tool when it comes to cock worship. I don’t give mere blowjobs. I worship, and my mouth is an essential part of this. It’s an intimate connection of taste, scent, and sensation. Until I met sir, I never realized how much fun cock worship could be for the giver. For that moment I’m in control, the architect of his pleasure. I’ve learned how to ply my lips and tongue to incite specific reactions in his body. BJs have become an integral facet of our dynamic, and I’m grateful for all the opportunities he gives me. Even the 3:00 am ones… ok, not those so much because SLEEP.

    Mouths are also a big part of the fiction I write, here and in my novels. Below is an excerpt from “The Professor’s Pet” in Tales of a Filthy Good Girl. (Buy it on Amazon! Pretty please!)


    She could always tell when he had a great class: his mood was buoyant and his gestures expansive. He entered the house with a broad smile, and she could feel his body practically vibrating with satisfaction when they embraced. She also recognized the glint in his eye and watched him warily. In these moods he reminded her of a tiger, lazy and lolling on his back one minute, his jaws around her throat the next. They may have been discussing dinner plans, but she could see the wheels turning in his head. It gave her an odd combination of nerves and happiness. It was her favorite kind of game, but as his pet, she never knew what would trigger the switch that would catapult them into a scene. He wanted her on edge, focused and watchful, and that’s where she remained. Until he said otherwise.

    Today was one of those times. He asked her about the roast which she had failed to start in the crockpot. She had a list of excuses, but as they tumbled out in defense, one of his hands came around her throat. The slight pressure stopped her mid-sentence, and she went completely still. He pushed her backwards until she hit the refrigerator, the magnets falling away as collateral damage.

    “I’m not mad, pet,” he said, his fingers brushing the sensitive skin at her throat.

    He captured her mouth and pushed his tongue past the defense of teeth and tongue. Her body responded instantly, betraying her desire. Her arms went around his waist and she tilted her head to give him better access, a flush blooming across her skin. She had the fleeting thought that if she pressed against him she would be able to absorb him into her body. At times like this, her entire world dwindled to the point of pleasing him, and she returned his kisses eagerly.

    “I have better plans than the roast. Go get cleaned up and wear your favorite dress.” He gave her an affectionate pat on the ass.

    She opened her mouth to ask him about the evening’s activities, but his fingertips dug into her neck just enough to halt her words. Blue eyes met hers.

    “I’ve had twenty-somethings in heels and business casual dress striving to please me all day with correct answers and insightful observations. I’ve enjoyed being obeyed at lecture. Are you going to please me now that I’m home?”

    “Yes, professor. I wish to please you more than anything.” It was a truth she felt in her soul and her body, the cleft between her thighs already wet with anticipation.

    “Good girl. Now go get ready.”


  4. Two Years of Sex, Y’all!

    January 10, 2014 by Heather Cole

    Another sex-filled year has passed and VAGINA ANTICS is two years old! The “terrible 2’s” only apply to babies, though. My second year of sex blogging was A-Fucking-Mazing! (Yes, that’s a word.) To celebrate this milestone, I’ve chosen three of my favorite posts and have a couple of giveaways for you. And you, and that person waaaaaay over there.

    Y’all may have noticed that we have added Writers of Erotica to my resumes. A year ago today, I was promoting Felt Tips because of the story I contributed for the anthology of erotica. I swore up and down that I didn’t write erotica, because I was writing about my real sex life. Then I realized that it was still erotica even though it was true, but I’ve written it MY way. I’ve shared the intimate details of my life with y’all and sometimes it’s super sexy. Others, not so much. Trust me when I say there’s nothing glamorous about cum in your eyes, delicate vag issues, or snipping your labia during an unpermitted trim.

    It’s always real; always me. And to thank you all for supporting my shenanigans for another year, beginning at midnight I will be giving away The Hunt  through Sunday. Because I love y’all, every fucking one of you.

    <throws confetti>

    <boob smoosh>


    Sometimes It Hits You on the Head – During the spring of last year, my romantic life was a roller coaster. My poly circle was changing and I felt mainly responsible for that. I had met a Dominant man who wanted a slave, who wanted ME. This blog post was the first entry of the journey I began with my master and owner, LH. We had no idea exactly where we were going, but we were going there together. Reading this still brings up a lot of emotions for me even now.

    New Territory in My Submission – Reading this still gets me hot. I wonder if I can call LH and convince him to ditch work for the day…

    Pony Rides $10 aka Heather Rides a Sybian – The things I have done this past year blow my mind. Reading back through them… I have surpassed my fantasies. Public masturbation was one of them.

  5. Fridays are Filthy

    October 4, 2013 by Heather Cole

    IMG_2233 SM

    I mean “filthy” in the best possible way, because this week I released a new collection of short-short stories called TALES OF A FILTHY GOOD GIRL.

    This has always been a dream of mine… to be used while being cherished, degraded and respected for it. These things shouldn’t coexist in a relationship, yet I experience them every time we’re together. I am his beloved. And I am his whore. 

    Tales of a Filthy Good Girl offers a glimpse into the lives of a Dominant man and his sex slave, a very good girl who discovered how delightful it was to be naughty. Full of love, power exchange, and erotic play, these tales offer a look into just what happens when a good girl turns filthy.


    You can buy it here on Amazon.


    I’m particularly proud of the cover. My friend, Phoenix Eddy, was kind enough to tie me up, place me at his antique desk and take a bazillion photos. The man is a top notch rigger and photographer, and I love his interpretation of being a writer. You know, I’m not joking when I say that I’m “chained to my desk.”


    Here’s a tidbit of what you’ll find inside TALES OF A FILTHY GOOD GIRL:

    There once was a scullery wench who married a prince. Trust me, she was just as surprised about it as you are. The prince thought she was funny and smart and pretty. But he didn’t approve of her humble family, her plain clothes, or how often she wanted to fuck.

    He told her in a stern voice, “I will marry you and give you my royal name and all the wealth and privileges that go with it. You will never have to wash pots in the scullery again. However, you must leave behind your poor beginnings and your odd predilection for sex. Upstanding citizens, particularly royal ones, do not have sex except when appropriate.”

    The scullery wench was flattered for the most part. It wasn’t every day that a fancy man of royal lineage looked her way. But she felt self-conscious. She looked at her work-worn hands and the hole in the hem of her skirt. She fidgeted where she sat, knowing that if she reached between her legs she would find she was aroused. Before the prince had made his offer, she had been about to ask him to adjourn to the royal bed chamber for a round of enthusiastic lovemaking.

    Were all these things as disgraceful as he implied? What if he knew that she liked to be spanked and bitten hard on the ass? She glanced around the finely appointed room and the servant standing at attention by the door. It would be nice to have more stability. Being a scullery wench meant living hand-to-mouth most of the time. Besides, she didn’t need to be spanked every time she had sex. Taking a deep breath, she smiled at the prince.

    “I will marry you. Now can we fuck?”


    I hope you enjoy reading these stories as much as I enjoyed writing them!

    *boob smoosh*